What sparks change?

The Question That Changed My Life

After years of suffering from Chronic Pain and denying the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, it wasn’t until my husband tenderly asked, “Are you doing all you can to make yourself feel better?” that I realized that I most certainly was not.  The rollercoaster ride of pain, along with the sleepless nights, feeding into my depression making it feel impossible to do anything other than survive the intensity of the pain from moment to moment.  The truth of my answer was eye opening on so many different levels in my life.

I stopped complaining, took action, and after a doctor’s appointment of January 7, 2013, I made a solid commitment to myself with a written plan in hand. The plan included an exhaustive list of foods to eliminate, nutritional supplements, regular physical movement, and intentional activities for my mental state.  It wasn’t easy, and there was a lot of anger about HAVING to live the new way when most others didn’t. I pushed through the tough times, stumbling included,knowing that this new lifestyle was exactly what was making me feel better that ever before in my life. So in celebration of FIVE YEARS into my journey, I am launching Thawland to share what has worked for ME.

What is Thawland?

Thawland is a place with an evolving story of a lifelong learner. So if you are into that type of thing, this is the place for you!

  • You’ll get to peek into the Kitchen and Pantry that has a whole new lineup of items I had no idea existed before this quest!
  • I’ll take you into the Garden and Grounds, which nurtures my soul and feels my spirit…my belly, too.
  • I’ll share Tina’s Tips and Tricks of everything from DIY Bug Repellent to Organic Weed Control from DIY Body Oil to Why It’s Okay to be Lazy with Yard Debris in the Fall.
  • You’ll see some sort of art of mine at every turn in Thawland. It’s for sanity sake! And yes, also coming to Thawland will be a Storefront with some goodies, as well as Freebies.


What to Expect from Thawland

This site is just a baby and will be evolving. You never know what direction this creative will head next.  Heck, I might take you along on my Treasure Hunting Adventures, and then show you how I refinish a piece of furniture. And I’ve been wanting to draft and build some “convertible” furniture, and I have a three-tiered metal plant stand that need more sanding.  And my Art Studio need revamping. And I will be retexturing and painting the walls on our top floor. And I’ve been meaning to try that new recipe. And Kelly the Turtle should be making an appearance soon in Thawland. And…

…What’s Next?

Stay Tuned…



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